Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pinks and Grays in Canvas Form (5/100)

The more I create mixed media art with the intention to portray a specific message, the more I tend to enjoy the work that I produce. This piece is no exception. 

When I started today's 4x4 canvas for my 100 Day Project, I only had one idea in mind. I knew that I wanted to completely cover the base in newspaper (though the majority of it ended up being covered completely in the final project). However, after that point, I didn't have the slightest clue as to where I was headed. However, as soon as I stamped the butterflies (one actually was covered up), I knew that I wanted to tell something about flying, or moving forward. The catch? I've recently been trying to avoid words. I think it worked out in the long run. 

The link to purchase this piece is here.

  • In looking at the finer details of this piece, the thing that stands out to me as something I want to explore in the future is the graphite I used on this particular painting. With some experimentation, I discovered that graphite actually blends incredibly well on top of acrylic paint. I have ideas in mind for how I will play with that in the future.
  • I used my gold marker for the arrows in this particular piece - that is certainly an investment that has been well worth the $1.50 I think I paid for it. Gold details are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to add to a piece of art as the final finishing touch. On top of that gold marker (which I layered on top of white acrylic paint), I doodled some lines with a white gel pen.

  • The photo on the left is probably my favorite photo I've taken of this piece. You can see the texture incredibly well, that was created from smudging graphite over top of the acrylic paint, as well as some tissue paper that I layered into the background. 
  • The stencil that I used to create the horizontal ovals was actually one of the hand cut stencils I mentioned yesterday. I have been enjoying playing with those pieces (I still have one more to play with before I start repeating myself), and I'm sure they will soon become essentials in my mixed media stash. 
  • Finally, the little pink dots scattered throughout this piece I actually just made with my fingers. My paint had been sitting out for a little while, seeing as I had taken a break to eat, so it was too tacky to use a paintbrush with. I love the result of these little dots.
Ultimately, I love the way this canvas turned out, and I hope you all love it as much as I do! Thank you all for visiting, I've been having so much fun sharing my art with all of you!

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